#008 – Cecilia Garay Chaparro & April Byers – Pushing Through
March 01, 2018

For us, this is a special and important episode of the podcast. This episode deals with issues women face in engineering. We hope that through telling one woman’s story and suggesting some coping strategies, we can help inspire other women in engineering and help men understand what it is like to travel for a while, in a woman’s steps.

Cecilia Garay Chaparro is an Electrical / Mechanical Engineer and CEO of IIE SA DE CV, a turnkey building services and energy solutions contractor in Monterrey Mexico.

As a woman in Engineering, Cecilia has experienced and overcome many obstacles that frankly, many men in the same situation, do not encounter. Cecilia is not complaining, she is sharing her story on the podcast to:

  • Highlight what it is like to be a woman in engineering.
  • Enable men in engineering to see the world via a woman’s perspective Discuss strategies for anyone coping with same issues.

To ensure Robert and I did not move off topic we also invited April Byers to help keep us on track and balance the conversation.

April Byers has a BSc in psychology and MSc in neuroscience. She is a registered psychologist trained in the areas of neuropsychology, community rehabilitation, and disability studies. She has clinical training in assessment, counseling and family mediation and high conflict divorce. She has taught courses locally and internationally related to neuroscience research, cognitive assessment and applied behavior technique. She works with children, adults, and families and is involved in volunteer activities associated with improving the lives of children and families.

April is a regular guest on CBC’s Alberta at Noon and contributes to Tenacious Living Radio and contributes to podcasts and webinars for local family law offices.

For more information on Cecilia and her work:

Twitter: @cecygaraychapar
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cecygaray
Website: http://www.iiesa.com.mx

For more information on April and her work:

Twitter: @neurothrive
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/april-byers-93469a51/

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