#014 – Natasha Arsenijevich & Andrew Bowerbank – Agriculture & Sustainability
July 15, 2018

Our guests this episode are Natasha Arsenijevich and Andrew Bowerbank talking about agriculture, the food chain and its impact on the environment.

In this episode:

  • Andrew provides an update on the Ellis Don “Low Carbon Impact Initiative”
  • Natasha drops some serious knowledge on food production & consumption and its impact on the environmen
  • Natasha scares us with a statistic about antibiotic use in the USA!

And much more……

For more information on Natasha and her work:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/natasha-arsenijevich-95b3a1b5/

For more information on Andrew and his work:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abowerbank/?ppe=1
Twitter: @abowerbank

Natasha Bio

Natasha Arsenijevich is Manager of Strategy & Business Development at WSP.

Natasha has a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies and is responsible for implementing and supporting the Carbon Impact Initiative, an industry led action plan in support of Canada’s national and international climate change commitments.

Andrew Bio

Andrew Bowerbank is National Vice President, Sustainability & Energy at WSP and recipient, 2017 Ontario Premier’s Award.

Andrew is a leading authority on emerging energy technologies, high-performance building design and low-carbon economics. He places strategic emphasis on marketing and communication initiatives to ensure client successes are celebrated and resources are in place to support growth. He was named one of Canada’s top 16 sustainability leaders through the 2017 “Clean50” Awards.

http://www.lowcarbonagenda.ellisdon.com (For the Ellis Don Carbon Impact Initiative Plan plus the Mohawk College Net Zero Project Lessons Learned Report)

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