#015 – Kristof Irwin – Resetting Our Expectations
August 15, 2018

Our guest this episode is host of the Building Science Podcast, Kristof Irwin, talking about resetting our collective expectations of buildings.

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In this episode, we discuss;

1. How energy is a technology, not just a fuel,
2. Air filters can be a poignant moment in life!
3. How “health is the new green”

And much more……

For more information on Kristof and his work;

Website: https://positiveenergy.pro

Twitter: @kwhgeek

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/blueheronbuilders/

Podcast: The Building Science Podcast https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-building-science-podcast-positive-energy/id999167292?mt=2

Kristof 4-minute video: “Resetting Our Collective Expectations of Buildings” https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=228&v=YBW5UB9J4QI


Kristof Irwin, P.E., M Eng., is the Lead Engineer and Principal of Positive Energy, a company in Austin, Texas focused on residential mechanical design with a building science approach. Positive Energy’s mission is to change the way that society delivers conditioned space to itself. Building science sees buildings-climate-occupants as systems of systems. Positive Energy sees architects-builders-engineers-and many others as a system of systems too. The company is a strong advocate for best practices in enclosure design, residential mechanical design, residential plumbing design, construction administration, and commissioning – bringing the human factor to designing and delivering buildings.

Kristof’s background includes 12 years of experience as a custom builder (including deep energy retrofits and zero-net energy projects) and 9 years as a building science consultant. He worked for 14 years as an engineer, research scientist, and physicist for government and university research labs. He is active in the local and national high-performance building community including his role I’m as the Chair of AIA Austin’s Building Enclosure Committee, several ASHRAE committees – ASHRAE TC-2.1 (Physiology & Human Environment), ASHRAE SSPC-55 (Thermal comfort), ASHRAE SSPC-62.2 (Ventilation/IAQ), and the RESNET ANSI Standards Development Committee (SDC). Kristof hosts The Building Science Podcast to promote education and understanding in the public and on project teams.

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