#025 – Murray Guy – Lean Construction
June 15, 2019

Our guest this episode is Murray Guy talking about Lean Construction, plus Robert and Adam get philosophical at the end of the show.

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In this episode, we discuss;

  • How the lean construction approach can reduce design costs by up to 18%!
  • How the lean construction approach can reduce construction costs by up to 40%!!
  • How net zero can be had for zero cost penalty if combined with lean construction methods.

And much more…….

For more information on Murray and his work

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/murray-guy-01402116/
Website: https://www.i-designs.ca
Website: https://www.leanlab.ca
Website: http://mguy15.wixsite.com/ecosmart
Twitter: @Lean_tobe_Green
Twitter: @Shift2Lean

Lloyd Alter episode #007 The Case Against Net Zero & Using Too Much of Everything


Murray is sustainable minded entrepreneur that owns and operates three companies involved in creating a more efficient and green building industry. He has demonstrated that with lean practices we can build #NetZero buildings at #NetZero additional cost and with Lean Commissioning (LeanCx) we can get the team to the finish line early.

As a board member of LCI-Canada Murray works to build Lean Project Delivery capabilities, develop the certification program and establish communities of Practice.

As the CEO of Integrated Designs Murray works with a great team to deliver high performance building by providing target value design facilitation, energy management, project management and commissioning services.

At EcoSmart Developments, Murray works with his son Taylor and sub-trade partners to design and build turn key, NetZero ready homes.

At Shift2Lean Murray provides training and coaching on the Last Planner System, Target Value Delivery and on Lean Project Delivery methods and tools. These courses and workshops help prepare staff for Lean Construction Institute – Canada certification.


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