#036 Eliot Benor & James Fish – BECx
April 15, 2020

Our guests this episode are Eliot Benor and James Fish of Building Envelop Testing LLC talking about building envelop commissioning.

“If you build it, we will come……then we will spray water on it for 15 mins!”

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In this episode, we discuss;

  • The chaos and lack of credibility of building envelop Cx certifications.
  • C40 cities and NYC legislation to de-carbonize the existing building stock.
  • Energy modeling; is it science, art or a self-delusion?
  • What BECx is and is not.and much more…….

For more information on Eliot and James and their work

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/building-envelope-testing-llc-bb826a111

Website http://bet-na.net/

Eliot Benor Bio

Eliot founded Building Envelope Testing LLC (BET), a NYC based façade testing lab with a full fenestration and building envelope testing facility in Roselle Park, NJ, USA. BET is also a calibrating lab; which means BET build and calibrate their own equipment and instruments to NIST or other nationally traceable standards. Façade and façade component testing is BET’s only business.

BET’s services include:

  • Fenestration testing to AAMA, ASTM and custom developed standards.
  • Anchor/embed Pull Testing – ATSM and Project Specific Standards up to 50,000 lbs. in tension, shear and combined tension and shear.
  • Sealant Adhesion Testing.
  • Air Barrier testing including Blower Door, adhesion and penetration.
  • Investigative Leak Testing.

Prior to founding BET, Eliot was a senior consultant at Israel Berger and associates NYC and has 30 years of fenestration and construction experience. Eliot is a voting member of ASTM Committees D01, E05, E6 and E36 and a member of AAMA. Eliot is also a member of the NYC Department of Buildings advisory committee’s for Chapter 17, NYC ECC and FISP

James Fish Bio

James is a licensed professional engineer and head engineer at BET, responsible for research & development into energy efficiency and thermal analysis of buildings. James designs and builds testing, measuring, and monitoring equipment for use both in the lab and in the field. James is also responsible for quality management, ensuring compliance with standards organizations, accreditation authorities, and building codes.

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