#064 Akira Jones – Building Digital Twins
April 15, 2022

Our guest this episode is Akira Jones, Director, Digital Services at HH Angus in Toronto Canada,  talking about digital twins and digitization of building design, construction and operations.

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In this episode we discuss: 

  • Technology as a “window” into building design, construction and operation
  • Importance of knowledge in data analytics, AWS and scanning tools
  • BIM / Revit becoming the primary design tools
  • Digital “companions Vs “tools”

And much more…….


More on Akira

Akira on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/akira-jones-48732ab0/

HH Angus website: https://hhangus.com/



Akira is a Professional Mechanical Engineer and Director, Digital Services at HH Angus in Toronto Canada, with over a decade of experience in the AEC industry. Akira leads HH Angus’ digital services team, which specializes in BIM processes and software, 3D scanning and Scan-to-BIM, as well as IoT, Digital Twinning, and AWS Cloud Consulting Services.

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