#067 Francisco Valentine – BAS & Bldg Controls Literacy
June 15, 2022

Our guest this episode Francisco Valentine PE talking about his book on BAS & building controls and his take on the current state of building services engineering training i.e. the type of training that is actually useful and explains “how to”.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • How poor training led Francisco to write his book
  • The algebra of Francisco i.e. PE + CxE = Controls Engineering = Francisco Valentine
  • The lack of point to point testing and field calibration
  • How systems engineering knowledge is vital in controls commissioning

And much more…….

For more information on Francisco

Francisco on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/francisco-valentine-pe-63932457/

Buy the Book: https://fruitcovemedia.net/


Francisco is a Professional Engineer with a BSc & MSc in Mechanical Engineering from West Virginia University, USA. His career has included designing building services systems, energy auditing and building commissioning with a specialism in BAS and  building controls devices.

Francisco is the author of “BAS Input and Output Devices”. This is a detailed “how to” book on all things to do with building controls and a valuable “aide-mémoire” to any building commissioning practitioner.

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