Adam Muggleton

Adam Muggleton

Adam has been immersed in property and construction for 37 years. Having worked in 20 countries and held leadership positions at several firms, Adam has a unique skill set derived from experience in property development, design team management, project management, and building commissioning.

Adam is passionate about promoting the concept of Commissioning Management as an effective project management tool, to hand over buildings that actually work. He devises and delivers successful project, leadership and testing strategies that achieve optimum outcomes for those involved and affected.

As an industry leader, Adam served on the CIBSE Commissioning Code “A” committee for the 1996 code re-write and the UK BSRIA steering group for Application Guide 16/2002 Variable Flow Water Systems. Adam also served as an international board member for the USA Building Commissioning Association.

Adam’s focus is on property development as a:

• Property Industry Blogger, Podcaster, and Philosopher
• Chartered Project Management Surveyor (RICS)
• Qualified Building Commissioning Professional

Philosophically, the question is this, “why are zero defect, high-performance buildings not normally delivered?”

Robert Bean

Robert Bean

Robert Bean is a Registered Engineering Technologist (R.E.T.) in building construction (ASET) and a Professional Licensee (P.L.(Eng.) in Mechanical Engineering (APEGA). A design practitioner, author, and educator with over 35 years’ experience.

Robert is president of Indoor Climate Consultants Inc. and director of an on-line resource serving as a technical interpreter and consolidator of academic research within building and health sciences.

Robert is a past two-term ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer and has received numerous industry awards for his contributions including the ASHRAE’s Lou Flagg Award and ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award. He serves on several technical committees related to physiology and the human environment, eXergy and sustainability; and radiant based HVAC Systems. Robert is also the author of numerous industry programs addressing indoor environmental quality and building systems.

Robert works at the intersection of business, buildings, science, demographics, industrial design and product ergonomics.

Motto: All design is human factor design: design for people, good buildings follow.

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